You may have seen notices in our office informing you about our participation in a program called Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC Plus). We thought it would be good to explain this program and what impact this has on you as one of our patients.

The medical industry is undergoing changes in reimbursement to provide improved quality of care while controlling cost. For many years, the model for paying health care providers was fee-for-service, where the provider was paid when the patient was seen. While there is still an element of this, there is a shift toward what is referred to as value-based reimbursement. Under this model, providers are reimbursed on the quality of care that is provided. This measures quality parameters such as how well our diabetic patients are controlled, how many of our patients have gotten colon cancer screening or mammograms, and how well we do at keeping our patients out of the hospital, just to name a few. To assist in those efforts, our office receives advance payment so we can hire staff to help track these numbers and to provide extra resources such as care coordination for our higher risk patients. CPC Plus is a Medicare pilot program to test this model over 5 years to see if this method of reimbursement will indeed lead to better quality care with lower cost. The Kansas City area was chosen as one of the areas to implement this program, and our office was selected to participate in Track 2, the most advanced of the program.